135 Best Gossip Girl Instagram Captions And Quotes

135 Best Gossip Girl Instagram Captions And Quotes

Best Gossip Girl Instagram Captions! If you enjoy the show or the book series, you’re aware that the characters are always involved in exciting and sometimes scandalous situations. And what better way to capture their drama than with the perfect Instagram caption?

Whether you’re feeling confident like Blair, mysterious like Serena, or just want to add some excitement like Chuck, there’s a Gossip Girl quote for every situation.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best Gossip Girl Instagram captions that will make your followers feel like they’re right in the middle of the Upper East Side drama. So, grab your phone, strike a pose, and let’s get started!

Best Gossip Girl Instagram Captions

  • “I’m no queen; I’m a goddess.”
  • “I’m not an ordinary girl; I’m a unique one.”
  • “The party isn’t complete until someone sheds tears.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “If you’re going to be sad, might as well do it in Paris.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I hold secrets, and they’re all yours if you desire them.” – Chuck Bass
  • “I’m no pushover; I’m simply kind-hearted.”
  • “I’m not just a waypoint; I’m the final destination.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I may not know what I want, but I know it isn’t this.”
  • “I’m not a doormat; I’m a doorway.”
  • “It’s difficult to find people who’ll love you unconditionally.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “You’re aware of your love for me.”
  • “I’m not just a stopover; I’m the ultimate destination.”
  • “At times, you need to step out, clear your mind, and recall who you are and where you want to go.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “Sighted: Lonely Boy, nursing a broken heart.” – Gossip Girl
  • “XOXO, [insert your name].”
  • “I’m not a princess; I’m a warrior.”
  • “Love is decisive; you’re certain when you love someone.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “I’ve got my own back.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I might have a wild side, but I’m exceedingly skilled at it.”
  • “I don’t require a man to find happiness. I’m content with myself.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “I’m not just any girl; I’m the one.”
  • “Beyond the woman who knows what she desires, lies the one who isn’t waiting for anyone else to provide it.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I apologize, but have we crossed paths before?”
  • “There’s not much I fear, except maybe losing you.”
  • “You’re aware of your love for me.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “The most satisfying revenge is achieving immense success.”
  • “If you aspire to be part of my world, you’ll need to keep pace.”
  • “Sighted: You, radiating absolute fabulousness.”
  • “To be somebody, you have to wear somebody.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a follower; I’m a trendsetter.”

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Gossip Girl Captions For Instagram

  • “I have no desire to be ordinary.”
  • “I’m not a competitor; I’m a formidable force.”
  • “I’m not in search of friends; I’m in pursuit of admirers.”
  • “Life encompasses more than just your attire.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “I’m not a mere princess; I reign as a queen.”
  • “Life may be brief, but I am not.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “Happiness can’t be bought, but a Birkin can, and that’s pretty close.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “It’s time to prioritize myself a little more.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “The sole obstacle between me and greatness is me.”
  • “A touch of scandal adds the perfect spice to life.”
  • “I have a love-hate relationship with the Upper East Side. It’s like high school, but with wealth.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I don’t follow; I lead.”
  • “I’m not interested in fame; I aspire to amass wealth.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a burden; I’m a blessing.”
  • “You can’t compel people to love you, but you can certainly make them envious.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not just a waypoint; I am the ultimate destination.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a helpless maiden; I am the heroine of my own tale.”
  • “I’m no pawn. I’m a queen.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a one-in-a-million kind of girl. I’m a once-in-a-lifetime kind of woman.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “They say good intentions pave the road to hell. Perhaps they’re correct.”
  • “My name is Blair Waldorf, and I have no qualms saying I love you.”
  • “The one who claimed money can’t buy happiness clearly didn’t know where to shop.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “Spotted: [insert your name] living their finest life on the Upper East Side.”
  • “I’m not an ordinary mom; I’m a trendy mom.” – Lily van der Woodsen
  • “I’m not a trophy spouse; I’m a victor.”
  • “I’m not a prize to be won.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “They can’t erase my accomplishments.”
  • “XOXO, Gossip Girl”
  • “Three words, eight letters, say it, and I’m yours.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not just a believer; I’m a doer.”
  • “I’m not a marionette; I’m a participant.”
  • “I’m not an error; I’m a marvel.”
  • “Fame isn’t my desire; I aim for timelessness.”
  • “I’m not climbing the social ladder; I’m a social butterfly.”
  • “I’m Chuck Bass.” – Chuck Bass
  • “Sonnets aren’t written about compatibility, nor novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversations. Great loves are the mad ones.” – Blair Waldorf

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Gossip Girl Instagram Captions New York

  • “Silence speaks louder than words.” – Chuck Bass
  • “I’m not a hindrance; I’m a valuable asset.”
  • “The greater the ascent, the tougher the descent.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a plaything for your amusement when you’re bored.”
  • “Monogamy isn’t my forte, Blair.”
  • “A heartbreak is preferable to a broken bone.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “You can’t control what happens to you, but you can control your response.”
  • “I may not recognize who I am, but I’ve evolved from who I once was.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “Why be with someone if they don’t make you feel like the most significant person on earth?” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “You can’t force people to love you, but you can command their respect.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a stereotypical trophy spouse. I’m a career-oriented woman who can’t cook.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m the queen bee, and you can be my loyal worker bee.”
  • “It’s better to be a clever fool than a foolish wit.” – William Shakespeare (cited by Blair Waldorf)
  • “I’m residing in a world where everyone aspires to be me, and I reign supreme.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “The higher the heels, the closer to divinity.”
  • “I’m not a second choice; I’m a premier selection.”
  • “I’m no damsel in distress; I’m a damsel who handles her own turmoil.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not into the trick-or-treat scene. I prefer a vodka cranberry.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a player; I just appreciate beauty.”
  • “At times, you must step outside, clear your thoughts, and remember who you are and where you aim to be.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “You can’t coerce love, but you can instill fear.”
  • “I apologize for losing my temper, but your annoyance doesn’t help.”
  • “I’m Chuck Bass.”
  • “Triumph is the sweetest revenge.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “The parting isn’t what hurts; it’s the memories that follow.”
  • “To belong to the Upper East Side, one must adhere to our standards.”
  • “If destiny unites two people, they will eventually find their way back to each other.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “I’m not a damsel in distress; I’m a damsel who can handle her own distress.”
  • “I’m not someone you can manipulate.”
  • “I’m not a supporting character; I’m the lead.”
  • “You don’t truly know me.”
  • “Have you heard the rumors? I’m the wild one here.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I can’t control my facial expressions when you speak.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “The only thing preventing my greatness is myself.” – Chuck Bass
  • “I’m a fighter, not just a lover.”
  • “Beauty surrounds us, making it hard to stay angry.” – Chuck Bass
  • “Happiness doesn’t depend on a man; it depends on shoes.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “Some individuals resemble fireworks: they shine brilliantly but briefly.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “You’re nobody until the whispers start.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m not a queen or a princess; I’m the fearless Khaleesi.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “Our connection sparks like fireworks.”

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Funny Gossip Girl Captions For Instagram

  • “What’s a queen without her king? Historically speaking, often more influential.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “Three words, eight letters. Utter them, and you have my heart.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I may have a wild side, but I excel at it.” – Chuck Bass
  • “You’re aware you adore me. Hugs and kisses, Gossip Girl.”
  • “I’m not here to halt you; I’m a detour.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “I’m the kind of girl your mother cautioned you about.” – Blair Waldorf
  • “The truth can be overwhelming.”
  • “I’m not a test; I’m the prize.”
  • “My power doesn’t rely on a man.”
  • “I’m not a rule breaker; I’m a rule creator.”
  • “Love is a commitment you don’t abandon.” – Nate Archibald
  • “Living out an epic romance is more challenging than you think.” – Chuck Bass
  • “In a world filled with Jennys, I’m a Blair Waldorf.”

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Gossip Girl Quotes XOXO

  • “Don’t resent me due to my beauty; envy me because I excel.”
  • “I’m not easily manipulated; I’m a dynamo.”
  • “I’m not a mere purveyor of rumors; I’m a chronicler of tales.”
  • “Fashion possesses unmatched artistic influence.”
  • “I’m not a spreader of hearsay; I’m a weaver of narratives.”
  • “I don’t require someone to look after me. I’m self-sufficient.” – Serena van der Woodsen
  • “I’m not a vulnerability; I’m a reservoir of strength.”
  • “If you’re destined for sorrow, why not embrace it in Paris?”
  • “I’m more than a pretty countenance; I’m a formidable presence.”
  • “I sense that we’ll grow very close.”
  • “I have an inclination for charming yet self-destructive young men.”
  • “I may not be flawless, but I hold my own value.”
  • “You’re aware of your adoration for me. Hugs and kisses, Gossip Girl.”
  • “I’m not a mere token; I’m a reward.”

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